Welcome Swallow Hirundo neoxena. Laratinga Wetlands, South Australia. Photographer: Georgina Steytler, Australia. Category: Birds in Flight. SILVER AWARD WINNER. Photographer’s Story: ‘I was at Laratinga Wetlands in South Australia in April 2018. I initially went to photograph waterfowl when I noticed dozens of Welcome Swallows diving about the surface of the water. I am attracted to the challenge of shooting birds in flight and swallows present the ultimate challenge due to their small size and quick, erratic flight. There was a beautiful mist so I decided to shoot backlit against a dark background (trees in shade on opposite bank) and try to capture some of the atmosphere. I used the ‘spray and pray’ approach to photography (ie rapid frame rate and loads of pictures) and needed a lot of luck to get this shot.’ Canon EOS 1DX MkII with Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM lens. 600mm focal length; 1/5,000 second; f/5.6; ISO 160. Handheld.

转载自《Bird Photographer of the Year 2019 Winners》